What Salu is all about

Our Salu medical team is at your service 7 days a week, including weekends, to address any health concerns. Typically, you can expect an online consultation with a medical professional within 30 minutes from the moment you describe your issue. Should the need arise, we are available for in-person consultations at our partner clinics.

Starting at a mere €22.90 monthly, we offer two subscription packages to cater to your needs. Continue reading this page to get acquainted with our services.

When should you turn to Salu doctors?

You can contact the Salu medical team 7 days a week (including weekends) for any health concerns. On average, online consultation with a medical professional will take place within 30 minutes from the moment you describe your problem. We can physically meet you at one of our partner clinics if necessary.

We can help you or your underage children if the concern is cold illnesses (runny nose, cough, fever, flu symptoms), child sickness (feeling unwell, vomiting, fever), abdominal or digestive problems (pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting), allergy symptoms (itching, runny nose, sneezing, red eyes), skin problems (rash, acne, other skin irritations), insect bites (such as tick bites), problems with vision or hearing (conjunctivitis, ear pain, decreased hearing) if you need an initial assessment of mental health (initial advice and referral to a specialist) or other signs of illness.

Importantly, our subscription packages automatically extend their coverage to your entire family, ensuring that everyone receives the care they deserve.

Everything starts online

Whenever you or your family member has a health problem or question, the journey starts with an online medical consultation with our medical professional.

Just describe your health-related question or problem, visualise the symptoms if you want, and our medical team will get in contact with you within minutes.

The online visit is exactly like a regular consultation with a doctor – our doctors and nurses will help you understand the root causes of the health problem and find a solution through a conversation.

90% of all the medical issues our doctors dealt with during the past 12 months, were solved online.

Dr Ingmar Lindstörm
Chief Medical Officer at Salu

Physical checkups and examinations

If, during the online visit, our medical staff sees that your health-related problem requires a physical examination, they will book an appointment in our network of clinics in Finland. Each physical appointment’s cost will vary based on the chosen package. See the packages here.

If you need to visit a clinic not included in our network or your visit was not booked through our online appointment, this will come at an additional cost.

In-patient medical care

You may sometimes be required to stay in a hospital or clinic. Our medical staff can consult you if and when this is required. However, please bear in mind that in-patient medical care is outside the scope of our services and will be done at an additional cost.

Our Partner Clinics

We’ve partnered with top clinics in Finland, including Synlab, known for a wide range of tests and analyses, as well as Mehiläinen, a prominent hub for general practitioner services.


Mehiläinen holds the distinction of being the preferred choice for municipalities when selecting providers of healthcare services. Its national service network caters to municipalities by offering services and operational models tailored to their needs. Upholding stringent quality standards, Mehiläinen also diligently tracks the impact of its treatments.

With over a century of experience, Mehiläinen has secured its position as the market leader in social and healthcare services in Finland.


Synlab stands out as a premier provider of medical lab tests and analysis across Europe, offering invaluable support to numerous hospitals and clinics in Finland for their patients’ diagnostic needs. With a widespread presence throughout Europe, Synlab’s extensive network of offices enables them to conduct tests in nearly every European country.

Open a sick leave on the same day

If you or your child is sick, you can open a sick leave via online appointment. You can do this through your laptop, mobile, or other devices during the same day without traveling or waiting in long queues. However, please remember that the initial sick leave can be open for up to 3 days. If you need to prolong the sick leave, we may ask you to come for a physical checkup.

There is no additional fee for opening a sick leave, which is included in your subscription.

Prescription drugs

You can get prescription drugs through your online visit provided the medication is a medically suitable treatment for your health matter. Issuing prescription drugs includes both issuing first-time prescriptions and renewing existing ones.

Issuing prescription drugs requires the medical approval of our professional. Therefore, our specialist will have a conversation with you and, based on that, decide if to issue or renew the prescription. Before issuing the drug, our medical staff may invite you to a physical checkup or refer you to an analysis/examination to be sure the requested drug is the best option to solve your health-related problem.

Please bear in mind that during an online visit we do not issue narcotic or psychotropic drugs. You’ll need to come to a physical checkup or see a specialist doctor for that.

There is no additional fee for issuing and prolonging prescription drugs. This is included in your subscription.

Comprehensive care for your whole family

At Salu, we understand that health matters extend beyond individual needs. Whether it’s you, your partner, or one of your children in need of assistance, our subscription packages automatically provide coverage for your entire family. From medical consultations to expert advice, our services ensure that every member of your family receives the care and attention they require.

With Salu, there’s no need to worry about separate subscriptions or limited access. We are dedicated to simplifying healthcare for your household, offering peace of mind knowing that everyone is supported, no matter the situation. Your family’s well-being is our priority, and our inclusive approach reflects that commitment.

Full-Body Analyses Package

Regularly checking your overall health helps you avoid any potential issues and concerns. The best way to get started is with a Full-Body Analyses Package.

We have curated a comprehensive range of analyses to thoroughly assess your health and provide you with valuable feedback on your body’s needs. As an added convenience, our Full-Body Analyses Package can be easily purchased as an add-on service when subscribing to our service.

Lab tests & analysis

If there is a need, our medical team may refer you to a lab test or analysis to get more data on your health problem and to find the best cure for it.

Our lab tests & analysis are done through our partner lab or clinic.

There is no additional fee for a primary care lab test or analysis provided through Salu; it is included in your subscription.

More complex analyses like MRI scans are outside this scope and may incur additional fees. In any case, we will let you know if that is needed.

Health-related documentation

We can arrange the documentation for you if you need health-related documentation (for example, for your employer or school or for a driving test).

Issuing a health certificate usually requires some procedures and tests that are not considered part of a local clinic’s routine services in Finland. Therefore, an additional fee must be paid for issuing health certificates. The exact fee will be determined during the consultation.

Pre-travel online medical consultation

It is helpful and good practice to know certain information about the new country you are planning to travel to. New territory comes with new dangers you might not always know to look out for.

  • Are vaccines needed?
  • What kind of medications should I take with me?
  • What to look out for in terms of health?

These are all questions that will get answered by our medical team during a pre-travel online medical consultation, so you are not left wondering or having to turn to google. This type of consultation offers a secure source of info that you can trust.

It allows you to gain the necessary knowledge about how and what to prepare ahead of time for your trip, so when problems occur, solutions are already set up.

Meet some of the key figures from our medical team. With them, you are in good hands.

doc ingmar

Dr Ingmar Lindström

Chief Medical Officer
22Years of experience
198Reviews on Salu
doc maria

Dr Maria Pintsaar

Family Physician
12Years of experience
419Reviews on Salu
doc jekaterina

Jekaterina Morina

Nursing Team Lead
13Years of experience
341Reviews on Salu

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