What Customers are Saying About Salu Services (fall/winter 2022)

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Matthias Vutt
Chief Marketing Officer

We do our best daily to provide the best care to all our customers. It is essential for us to be able to make medical services more convenient, accessible, and faster for the user, just as a modern service should be.

But enough of our own words, better read what our customers have to say about us.

“Unbelievably Convenient”

I recently moved away from my home country and discovered that I would soon run out of prescription medication. Since I didn’t know anything about the local healthcare system yet, the situation seemed annoying and stressful.

Googling, I discovered Salu, where I got a quick solution consulting with the doctor online. The prescriptions were extended. I really liked the fact that the doctors were pleasant, helpful, and professional, and the help came literally in minutes. Unbelievably convenient.

I believe that Salu has an excellent potential to help constantly traveling people like me who do not have immediate access to local medical care in new places. It gives me a sense of security when I know that I can go to the doctor with my concerns at any moment and have a real solution, rather than relying on Google for treatment. – Aigi, Austria

“Very prompt response!”

I have been a member of Salu for a month. I first subscribed to Salu’s services because I needed a health certificate for my driver’s license. I wasn’t expecting to get a doctor’s appointment done in less than 10 minutes while working. I think that the whole process moved quickly and conveniently from the beginning to the end.

Being able to get medical advice and help anytime, with less to no communication barrier, is the most valuable part about Salu.


The efficiency of Salu surprised me in a very positive way. Usually, it takes several calls to the family doctor’s office before even getting in touch with anyone. In my opinion, being able to get medical advice and help anytime, with less to no communication barrier, is the most valuable part about Salu.

It has been a struggle for me to find an English-speaking doctor since I moved to Estonia. Before joining Salu, I actually had to seek advice from doctors from my home country, the Philippines. The fact that I’m able to contact an English-speaking doctor so easily now has lessened my frustration and made reaching out for medical help more comfortable. – Lyn, Philippines

“Best medical service I’ve ever had in Estonia! Fast & efficient.”

I subscribed with Salu because I couldn’t reach my doctor and needed medical advice as soon as possible. Your team was able to get me the help and analysis that were required so that I could start the necessary treatment right away without further complications. Had it not been for Salu, the time of my diagnosis would have been prolonged.

Thanks to my positive experience, I decided to keep my subscription, and I have now been a member of Salu for 3 months, even though I’ve been traveling the entire time. I find telemedicine an efficient solution because my current location is irrelevant, and having a doctor available wherever and whenever creates a sense of security.

In my opinion, Salu is the perfect supplemental service to have for any health-conscious person living in Estonia. Family doctors can sometimes be too busy to attend to their patients during an emergency, but Salu gives their members peace of mind that if there is ever a need for extra medical support or advice, your team is there to help. As with everyone, I don’t plan on becoming unwell and needing a doctor’s help very often, but the fact that I can connect with your medical staff almost instantly if there ever is a health-related problem takes off a lot of unnecessary stress. – Jevgenia, Estonia

“Really convenient solution in a stressful moment”

My child fell ill over the weekend, and I needed to open a sick leave. Since my family doctor does not work on weekends, the only option would have been to go to the ER and record the child’s illness there in order to start the sick leave. This was not something I would have wanted to do, considering the child’s condition.

Fortunately, I had heard about Salu through work. I signed up, wrote to the doctor, and moments later, my concern was resolved without leaving my home.

I could focus on my child’s health instead of chasing doctors around town.


In a stressful moment, as it was for me, it was a really convenient solution. I could focus on my child’s health instead of chasing doctors around town. In addition to opening the sick leave, I was, of course, able to immediately ask the doctor for advice and help my child according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Excellent service; I was very satisfied and would definitely recommend it to others. – Stefano, Malta

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