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Riin Rehemaa
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Ready to level up your Salu experience while enjoying some fantastic perks? Look no further! Introducing the Salu referral program – invite friends & use it for free! Get ready to earn free months of Salu services while treating your friends to an exclusive offer. It’s time to spread the Salu love far and wide!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting referral system at Salu. You can now enjoy the benefits of our referral program by simply creating an account with us. Once you sign up, you will receive a unique promo code that you can share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

At Salu, we’re not your average healthcare provider. We understand the frustrations of waiting in long lines at the doctor’s office or struggling to find time for appointments. That’s why we’ve revolutionized the healthcare experience by providing a convenient digital platform. With Salu, our dedicated medical team is available 7 days a week, ready to chat with you wherever you may be. It’s healthcare on your terms, right at your fingertips.

Everyone wins!

Now, with our referral program, you have the power to spread the word about us and use Salu for free. It’s as simple as inviting your loved ones to join Salu and letting them experience the incredible benefits of our platform. And guess what? The win is twofold!

For every successful referral, not only will you be rewarded with a free month of Salu services, but your friends will also enjoy a generous 50% discount on their first month when they use your unique code. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Imagine helping your friends skip the long waits, gain access to expert medical advice, and enjoy the convenience of Salu’s digital healthcare services. It’s like being a wellness superhero, bringing relief and peace of mind to those around you. Plus, as a token of our appreciation, you’ll earn free months of Salu services for every referral.

Mike’s referral success story

Let’s take Mike as an example. Mike invites 5 friends to join Salu, and each of them subscribes using his referral code. As a result, each of Mike’s friends gets 50% off their first month’s subscription, and Mike receives a whopping 5 months of Salu for free! 

Imagine the joy of enjoying Salu’s exceptional services while effortlessly earning free months. And the best part? Mike can continue inviting more friends and colleagues, continuously enjoying Salu for free, all thanks to the power of referrals.

Discover how you can supercharge your Salu experience and unlock unlimited free months by using our referral program today.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Salu account: it’s completely free!
  2. Get your unique promo code: once you’ve signed up, you’ll see your unique code when logged in to your account.
  3. Invite your friends: share your code with your friends, family, coworkers—anyone you think would love the benefits of Salu.
  4. Your friends enjoy 50% off: when people subscribe to Salu using your code, they’ll receive a 50% discount on their first month’s subscription.
  5. You earn free months: for every successful referral, you’ll earn a free month of Salu services. The more friends you bring in, the more free months you’ll enjoy.
  6. No limits, invite away: there’s no cap on how many people you can invite. So go ahead, invite your best friend, your neighbor, your hairstylist—invite everyone and watch the free months stack up on your account!
  7. Enjoy Salu together: Once your promo code is used by someone, you’ll be notified & automatically receive a free month of Salu services as a thank you. Now you and your friends can enjoy Salu’s exceptional services side by side!

Start earning free months today!

Join us in our mission to make Salu the go-to choice for healthcare. Bring in your friends, introduce them to the magic of Salu, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’re sharing something truly beneficial. It’s a win-win for both you and your friends!

Save 30% on your subscription!

Upgrade your healthcare game with our Annual Package.

About Salu

With Salu, you’ll always have a medical team in your pocket. Get the medical help you need anytime, anywhere!

Our focus is to offer a fast & affordable alternative to your local health clinic. Starting from just €22.90 per month, our packages include unlimited consultations with our medical professionals seven days a week in your preferred language. You can open a sick leave, renew prescription drugs, and more.

The subscription automatically includes all your underage children as well.

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