March is Women’s Month – It’s Time to Pamper Your Health!

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Riin Rehemaa
Social Media & Community Manager

As the world celebrates International Women’s Day on March 8th, we at Salu are taking it a step further by dedicating the entire month to women. It’s a time to honor, celebrate, and, most importantly, take care of the health of women around us. This March, we encourage you to pamper yourself and your loved ones in the most meaningful way possible – by ensuring health and wellness with our special offer!

Health is more than just a routine

We often associate health with rigorous workouts and a diet rich in greens. While these practices are beneficial, true health begins with a deeper understanding and care for our bodies from the inside out. This Women’s Month, we’re shifting our focus to comprehensive health monitoring—because knowledge is the first step towards improvement.

An offer you can’t refuse

Introducing the Full-Body Analyses Package: a meticulously designed range of analyses to provide a thorough health assessment. This package is your gateway to understanding your body’s needs and tailoring your health routines to meet those demands.

In March, we’re excited to offer the Salu Health Explorer Gift Card for just €199! Originally valued at €327.7, this gift card grants access to our primary healthcare services for three months, plus the Full Body Analyses Package.

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  • Salu all-inclusive services for three months.
  • Full Body Analyses Package with doctor’s recommendations.
  • Our medical team is at your service, seven days a week, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Let’s make March a month of health!

It’s the perfect opportunity to invest in well-being with our Health Explorer Gift CardPamper yourself or your loved ones with the gift of health – because every woman deserves to feel her best, inside and out.


Give the gift of health!

Salu gift cards are designed to keep your loved ones healthy!

About Salu

With Salu, you’ll always have a doctor in your pocket. Get the medical help you need anytime, anywhere!

Our focus is to offer a fast & affordable alternative to a family doctor. Our comprehensive Monthly & Annual Packages include unlimited consultations with a doctor seven days a week in your preferred language. You can open a sick leave, renew prescription drugs, get referrals, and more. In addition to a digital platform, where all communication with the doctor begins, we also offer in-person appointments in our clinic.

The subscription automatically includes all your underage children as well.

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