How to stay protected during a new potential Covid outbreak

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The year 2020 is when the world changed for all of us, with the COVID-19 pandemic interrupting our lives on almost all levels. New safety measures, new fears, and restrictions are set in place. This virus has been a part of our lives ever since, with new cases showing up and no signs of it going anywhere.

It’s important to stay aware, mindful, and vigilant about protecting yourself and your family from coronavirus. This will ensure you won’t be caught off guard and can navigate a potential Covid outbreak effectively.


What are the signs of the coronavirus to look out for?


With the weather cooling down and our lives adapting from summer vacation mode to a busier and more stressful routine, we are more vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses. Keeping that in mind, this is the right time to start looking for ways to boost your immune system and protect yourself from potential harm.

In confirmed coronavirus cases, the symptoms include cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever and body aches. The severity of the viruses ranges from mild to people being very ill and hospitalized. If you suspect that you have caught COVID-19, it is best to minimize contact with other people, get tested at home with an antigen test and follow the directions given to you by your primary healthcare provider. The safest and most convenient way to communicate with your doctor would be through online chat or a phone call.

Thankfully, there are things we can implement into the daily lives that will help us stay safe and build a stronger defence mechanism to not catch the virus at all.

How can we prepare ahead of time for a new potential outbreak?

Practice social distancing

COVID-19’s main source of transmission is person-to-person contact, social distancing is the best and most effective way to lower the spread of this virus. The CDC strongly recommends staying 6 feet apart from others in public places. This way you can be sure to stay away from direct contact with respiratory droplets from sneezing and coughing. Spending time outside may reduce the spread of this virus, but even then be mindful of keeping a safe distance and staying out of group gatherings, such as concerts or sporting events.

Wash your hands

Good and proper hygiene has been known to reduce the spread of any virus, same with COVID-19. Making that an essential part of your daily habits is going to benefit you highly. You should wash your hands before eating or preparing food, after using a restroom or leaving a public place, after coughing or blowing your nose and definitely after taking care of someone who is sick. Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time. If you don’t have access to those two, then opting for a hand sanitizer is also a good way to go.

Wear your mask

Ever since the pandemic first started, face masks have become an important part of our lives. Before leaving home, you should always make sure that you didn’t just take your phone, wallet and keys, but also your face mask. It provides you with extra protection when you are out and about in public places. This way you help yourself and others. It is designed to create a barrier between your airway and what surrounds you.

Get vaccinated

The COVID-19 vaccine will help you develop potential immunity and protection from catching the virus. If you have already received a covid vaccine in Finland then it’s a good idea to discuss booster shots with your primary healthcare provider. You can also take an antigen test to find out if it is needed or not. Keep in mind that you can still get infected but it lowers the severity of symptoms, making the recovery process easier.

Boost your immune system

Strengthening your immune system with vitamins is a great way to combat the virus. There are three essential supplements that you can add to your daily intake – vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc. This is the super-combo that helps your natural defence mechanism and gives you the extra boost you might need. In addition to taking your daily dose of vitamins, make sure to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of water.

Travel safe

Travelling puts you in an environment of having to be around many people and touching surfaces that can carry the virus. Avoiding travelling as much as you can to reduce your chances of getting infected with the coronavirus. But if you have to travel then make sure you are up to date with EU vaccine passport expectations and are following all the safety guidelines mentioned above.

Although we are not where we were one year or two years ago, it is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is still not over.

Hans Kluge
World Health Organisation’s Europe director

Adding the abovementioned changes into your life will be a great way to prepare for a potential Covid outbreak. Consult with your primary physician if you have any questions or concerns.

If you can’t reach your doctor in Finland, Salu can help you out. You can get in contact with your doctor over an online chat within 30 minutes. Being able to contact your doctor without direct contact and leaving your home is a great solution. Take care of yourself and prioritize safety above all else!

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