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Health impacts us all. You take it for granted when you’re well but appreciate it when you or someone close to you gets sick. We’re here to protect your well-being and provide safety by helping you and your loved ones when and where needed. 

At Salu, we reimage how healthcare is delivered. It should be as simple as ordering food, renting a car, or buying a shirt online through mobile apps. With a few clicks, you get quality and personalised medical help from a doctor, regardless of when and where you need assistance. It’s like having a personal doctor always with you.

We are committed to delivering this kind of healthcare service, so you can have peace of mind wherever you are!


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Our story

We love to explore the world by travelling and living abroad with our family. Being in a new place is exciting and all, but things don’t always go according to plan, and someone – especially kids – usually falls ill. Suddenly we end up finding ourselves in an unfamiliar environment, without knowing where to get help. There were long waiting times to get a doctor’s appointment. The quality of the medical help was poor due to the language barrier. Long distances to travel to see a doctor. Trip after trip, the same type of problems kept reoccurring. We needed to figure out where to get adequate medical assistance.

All this led to thinking about how poor the experience truly is when using and consuming healthcare services. Also, we acknowledged how critical it is to have fast and convenient access to a qualified doctor wherever you are. And then, Salu was born – to bring a personal doctor to everyone, especially families on the move, through an exceptional experience.


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Exceptional experience

Think about Apple combined with a clinic you trust the most  – what would it look like? With a few easy steps, you are officially a patient in the most user-friendly clinic in the world. Where medical professionals take time for you to provide personalised help. Need to consult with a doctor? No problem, just describe your health concerns, and a qualified doctor responds within minutes, seven days a week. Most questions get solved online, regardless of when and where you need help. 

Stay conscious of what’s going on with your overall health, physical and mental, and get trusted and medically-proven advice regularly. And should it look & feel all serious? Not necessarily. Yes, it should be secure and trustworthy, but not dull. At Salu, this is what truly drives us, and every day, we are bringing this idea of customer-centric healthcare into reality.

Healthcare accessible regardless of location

Nowadays (esp. since COVID), you can work, study and live remotely in a way you never could before. It allows you to choose the environment where you and your family feel the happiest. Studies show that health-related safety and access to medical services are key aspects that people consider when choosing their destination for home. Unfortunately, you can’t take a physical clinic with all its doctors with you. Currently, the healthcare services are strictly local, covering a small area close to the clinic’s real estate and machinery.

But what if you can take a virtual clinic and its medical staff with you? That’s what Salu is all about. We can solve a majority of your health needs from where you (not we) are, be it in sunny Bali, busy London, or small but cute Helsinki.  We can be your single point of contact to keep you safe and solve all your health needs.


Meet the team.

Our team consists of product and technology engineers and healthcare professionals who have built and operated three clinics in Finland and in Estonia, and currently managing a medical team of 70+ qualified professionals who provide healthcare services in Finland and Estonia.

There are actually more of us, from nurses to freelance copywriters. Hopefully, we can get everyone up here sooner rather than later.

Maria Tsvetkova


Andreas Kotsjuba


Andres Kukk


Ingmar Lindstörm

Chief Medical Officer

Riin Rehemaa

Marketing Manager

Eljana Ivanova

Marketing Specialist

Joosep Soone

Medical lead

Anna Melan

General Practitioner

Kristi Särgava

Doctor-Resident of Family Medicine

Liisa Loigu

General Practitioner

Merili Pärn

General Practitioner

Silver Ratnik

General Practitioner

Jekaterina Morina

Nurse Team Lead

Marina Ban


Anna-Liana Marksoo


Irina Osichkina


Jaroslav Petruštšak


Kätriin Timian


Liis Jürise


Zarina Netsiporuk


Maria Tsvetkova


Would you like to see yourself here?

Here’s what’s going on behind the scene.

We like to have fun, organize team events, travel together, or just goof around in the office. Here’s a glimpse of what we have been up to lately.

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