Terms & Conditions

  1. Definitions


    Your personal account through which you can access the Platform and the Services herein.

    Anonymised services

    General or anonymous medical advice provided by the Medical team to you where you have not been identified.


    Amounts we charge or may charge for the use or availability of our Platform or Services. Our Fees may vary depending on the country where we provide the Services.

    Health services

    All services provided by us, our Partner clinic, or available through our Platform, including Anonymised services, Personalised services, and Medical consultation, except for Healthcare services.

    Healthcare service

    Healthcare services in the meaning of § 2 of the Estonian Health Services Organisation Act (Eesti tervishoiuteenuste korraldamise seadus) and § 758 of the Estonian Law of Obligations Act (Eesti võlaõigusseadus) which are available through our Platform or otherwise through us.

    Identify or Identification

    The activity of identifying who a person is, using their ID document (passport, ID card, driving license, other). This may include automated identification means (Estonian ID Card, Smart ID, Mobile ID) or manual identification means (using a person’s ID document).

    Medical consultation

    A consultation between you and the Medical team through the Platform.

    Medical team

    Medical professionals of ours or our Partner clinic, including doctors, nurses, and other professionals. The medical professionals can be our employees or service providers or our Partner clinic.

    Partner clinic

    Medical centres, clinics, hospitals or laboratory service providers that are our cooperation partners or otherwise clinics who provide medical services clinics to you at our request (e.g., we book an appointment for you), including partners listed here.

    Personalised services

    Personalised medical advice provided by the Medical team.


    The platform, web or mobile application, and/or product operated by Salu, including our website and product.

    Privacy Policy

    Our privacy policy is an integral part of these Terms of Service. Available here.


    Health services and Healthcare Services available through the Platform or otherwise through us.

    Subscription fee

    The meaning is specified in clause 7.1 below.

    Subscription period

    The meaning is specified in clause 7.1 below.

    “Us,” “Our,” or “We”

    Meaning Salu.


    Meaning you as a customer using our Platform or our Services.

  2. General

    1. The Platform enables you to use the Services. Through providing the Services, we want to help you guide through non-urgent health-related questions and problems you may have. However, we, our Partner clinic nor Medical team cannot guarantee that the Services or medical advice received through us or our Partner clinic is always effective or will solve your problem.

    2. You acknowledge and accept that we cannot help you with every question or in any event. Regardless of this, we aim to help you find a suitable help or answer when and where you need it.

    3. The Healthcare services are provided by us or our Partner clinics. In case the Healthcare services are provided by our Partner clinic, we are merely a technical platform connecting you with the Partner clinic’s Medical team. Through this, we want to improve the way you access and use primary care and general medical advice from trusted and qualified experts.

    4. In general, all Services provided on the Platform (online medical consultation) are provided by our Medical team, and all Services provided outside of the Platform (healthcare services requiring a physical examination, analyses, procedures, etc.) are provided by the Partner clinic.

  3. Your Account

    1. Account and Agreement. By entering your e-mail and creating a password on the Platform, you create a personal account with us (i.e., the Account) and, thereby, start using the Platform and the Services. This agreement between you and Salu is deemed to be concluded as of the moment of creation of the Account and will remain valid for an undefined term.

    2. Safekeeping of credentials. Only you may access and use the Account. You are solely responsible for ensuring that only you have access to the Account and the credentials for accessing your Account are kept safe from any third party. You are aware that your health data may be stored under your Account and, for that reason, you need to prudently and safely store your credentials.

    3. Personal use. You may use the Account for receiving Services for yourself or your child who is under your custody and below 18 years old, unless limited with Terms of Service or by applicable laws.

    4. Notifications. We may send notifications or messages to you using the personal data you have provided to us, including email, phone number, device, or browser notifications or using any other Account detail. All notifications forwarded to you using the Account or personal data are deemed to be duly delivered to you at the same calendar day when the notification was sent by us.

    5. Change of Data. You undertake to immediately notify us if any of your contact details change.

    6. Service for Adults. You hereby confirm to us that you are at least 18 years old and have a full legal capacity to act and decide independently for yourself and your underaged children, if you use the Services for the latter. You are not entitled to use the Service in case you are younger than 18 years old.

  4. Our services

    1. General. Through us, you can use Health Services and Healthcare Services which can be either Anonymous service or Personalised service. By concluding this agreement with us, you request and accept that we, the Medical team and our Partner clinics provide to you Services and Healthcare services.

    2. Health Services. The Health Services available through us may include provision of general, non-personalised advice or information, services related to data storage and management and other services available through the Platform or otherwise by us. This may include general medical knowledge, medical advice which according to the law does not qualify specifically as Healthcare Services or explanations about the healthcare system.

    3. Healthcare Services. The Healthcare Services includes services which qualify as healthcare services under the law, namely, activities of health care professionals for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases, injuries or intoxication in order to reduce the malaise of persons, prevent the deterioration of their state of health or development of the diseases, and restore their health. When using our Services, including starting a Medical consultation, you consent that the Medical staff, we and our Partner clinic provides Healthcare services to you.

    4. Healthcare Services by our Medical Team. The Healthcare Services available through the online Medical Consultation are provided by our Medical Team and these terms of services apply to the provision of the Healthcare Services.

    5. Healthcare Services by Partner Clinics. In certain cases (e.g., physical examinations, analyses, medical procedures, etc.), the Healthcare Services may be rendered by the Medical Team of our Partner clinic. In such cases, we do not provide any medical advice or healthcare services ourselves, nor takes any responsibility for the content or quality of medical advice provided within or in connection with our Service. In this case, all Medical Consultations are delivered by a Partner Clinic and its Medical team. Our Partner Clinics are licensed healthcare providers and meet the standards required to carry out the Medical Consultation. By starting the Medical Consultation, you accept and agree with these terms of service, our privacy policy and the terms of services and the privacy policy of our Partner Clinic(s).
    6. Anonymous service. An Anonymous service is a Service we or a Partner clinic can provide to you without needing to Identify you. This may entail general (non-personalised) medical knowledge, providing data about healthcare system, providing advice and other similar services which do not fall under the scope of Healthcare Service. You are aware and agree that some Services require to Identify you and, therefore, are not available for Anonymous service.

    7. Personalised service. A Personalised service is a Service where we or a Partner clinic need to Identify you. The Medical team can provide Personalised services only in case they are able to successfully Identify you. Personalised services may include the following services (non-exhaustive list): (a) providing personal medical advice; (b) issuing or prolonging prescription drugs; (c) starting and closing a sick leave; (d) issuing a referral to a specialist doctor; (e) referring to an analysis or laboratory test; (f) processing your personal data available on Digilugu; (g) issuing a medical document or certificate; (h) making a physical appointment; (i) other Services that the Medical Team considers Personalised service requiring you to be Identified.

    8. Services based on Medical Decision. The Services are available only in case the Medical team, based on its medical experience and knowledge, deems such Service to be appropriate and necessary based on your health related problem or need. We nor the Medical team is obliged to provide any Services in case we or the Medical team decides there is not enough information to render the Service or rendering of the Service is not appropriate, necessary or which may otherwise be harmful to you. We or our Partner clinic are not liable for any consequences in case we refuse to render any Service or in case the Medical Decision is based on inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.

    9. Only Primary Care. Our Medical team consists of professionals focused only on primary care. Therefore, all medical advice received through the Services are received from primary care professionals (nurses, general or family physicians, other professionals) and does not cover specialist doctor advice or analysis’, test and procedures outside the primary care scope. Our Services cover similar scope of services as provided by family physicians in Estonia.

    10. Service Location. You can use our Services either via Platform or at the physical rooms of our Partner Clinic. All online Services (such as online consultations) are deemed to be provided in the country where we as a healthcare services provider are established and licensed (i.e., Estonia). All in-person / offline Services (such as in-person appointments, medical analyses and procedures provided by our Partner Clinics) are deemed to be provided at the location where the in-person / offline Service is physically carried out.

    11. Means of Consultation. Our Platform enables you to have a Medical Consultation from distance, either via chat, call or video call. A Medical Consultation is deemed to have started when on the Platform (i) you start a chat or (ii) reserve a call or video call. A Medical Consultations is deemed to have ended when (i) the doctor ends the chat, (ii) the call or video call ends or (iii) the call or video call booking is cancelled before the Medical team has initiated the call or video call.

    12. Services to Child. You may use the Services for your underaged child whose legal representative you are, unless otherwise specified by the applicable laws. By using the Services for, in benefit of or in the name of your child, you confirm you have all legal rights to legally represent the child, act on its behalf, access its medical data and use the Services for and on behalf of the child. We or the Medical team may request to provide proof of evidence showing you are a legal representative of your child. Also, our Medical team is entitled to refuse to provide Services to you in case they have reason to doubt you are not a legal representative of the child. Consents given and actions taken by you as a legal representative are deemed to be consents and actions of the child.

    13. Services by Partner Clinic. You acknowledge and accept that the certain Medical Consultations (including medical advice provided as part of the Health services and Healthcare services or which are provided through physical facilities of the Partner clinic) are provided by a Partner clinic, not by us. In such a case, we act as a technical platform operator connecting you with a Partner clinic and its Medical team. You acknowledge and accept that we as a technical platform operator are not liable for the content and quality of the medical advice received from a Partner clinic or the Medical team. By starting a Medical Consultation, you accept and agree with the terms of service and privacy policy of ours and the Partner clinic rendering the Health services and Healthcare service to you.

    14. ToS for Physical meetings. By using the Services at the physical rooms of a third party clinic (such as a Partner Clinic), you accept and agree with the terms of service of the respective Partner clinic.

    15. Family Doctor Registration (Estonia specific). As a value-add service in addition to our subscription, in Estonia, we can help to find a family doctor for you and your underaged child(ren) and assist you with the registration process. You acknowledge and accept that we are not responsible for the actions and inactions of any third party, including family doctor. To be eligible to be register with a family doctor, you and all individuals to be registered with a family doctor must meet all the following criteria: a person must have (a) a valid public health insurance in Estonia (b) a valid Estonian identification document, such as residency permit, passport, identity card, with an Estonian identity code. You are aware that this is a service available only in Estonia.

      Although we cannot guarantee that a family doctor accepts you in their practice list, we will work on increasing your chances to get registered. In case we cannot get you registered with a family doctor within 12 months from starting your subscription, you are entitled to request from us a refund in the amount equivalent to half of the price paid for family doctor registration provided the refund request has been sent to us within 14 months as of starting your family doctor add-on service. After cancelling your subscription, you are entitled to remain in the practice list of the family doctor where you were registered through Salu.

    16. Data required for Service. To use the Service and receive adequate and accurate guidance or recommendations, you are requested to provide certain personal data, including sensitive personal data, on the Platform to us or the Medical team. You are aware and agree that we or the Medical team may refuse to provide the Services or the Service quality may be lower in case you do not provide sufficient and accurate data to us or the Medical team. You confirm that all data you provide to us, the Medical team or Partner clinic is relevant, true, accurate and complete. In addition, you are aware and accept that when rendering the Services, we or the Medical team may not be able to check your health data stored in any third party database (such as Digilugu), therefore, we cannot access this data ourselves. However, you hereby authorise the Medical team to access and process your data stored in the official health database (Digilugu or other).

    17. Data storage. When rendering the Services, we process (collect, create, store, etc.) certain personal data, including special category of personal data (incl. health data), about you. You acknowledge and accept that this data may be stored exclusively with us, unless it is mandatory by law to enter the data into the state-operated healthcare database. If you do not want us to process, including store, your data, you must stop using our Service and notify us of your request to stop processing your personal data.

    18. Recording. We may record the chats, calls and video calls we have when rendering the Services. These recordings remain confidential and can be used, for example, for quality assurance or dispute resolution purposes.

    19. Private health insurance. Our partner IIZI Insurance Broker enables you to get insurance offers and sign private health insurance contracts. You acknowledge and accept that Salu does not in any way assist nor advise you on insurance related topics, this is solely done by IIZI Insurance Broker. Upon purchasing a private health insurance through IIZI Insurance Broker, you hereby authorise IIZI Insurance Broker to forward your health insurance policy to Us so we can store it under your Salu account. This enables you to seamlessly access your policy through our environment.
  5. Cancellations

    1. Cancellation by you. In case you cannot participate during the Medical Consultation, or you wish to waive your upcoming Medical Consultation, you must cancel the respective Medical Consultation within 24 hours before indicative start of the Medical Consultation either by following the cancellation instructions on the Platform or respectively notifying us of cancellation request to hello@salu.md. In case you have not duly cancelled the Medical Consultation as describe before, we reserve the right not to refund the Fee paid for that Medical Consultation and/or charge you fees applicable for non-appearance to the visit or the relevant Service. For not appearing to the physical visit, we may charge (and you hereby authorise us to charge) you the full price the Partner clinic charges all its (non-Salu) customers for a physical visit.
    2. Cancellation by us. We, the Partner Clinic or the Medical team have the right to refuse to provide the Services, cancel a Medical Consultation, in case you (i) breach your obligations under these Terms of Services; (ii) do not follow the requirements or instructions of us or the Medical team, (iii) you have not responded to the Medical team within 10 minutes as of Medical team member’s last message or unanswered call, (iv) you have unpaid invoices, (v) we, Partner Clinic or the Medical team deems it impossible, unreasonable, unlawful or too risky to provide any advice or consultation to you via the Platform, (vi) the Medical team deems it is not qualified to consult you on a given matter, (vii) you record the Medical team without its express written consent; (viii) you behave offensively or impolitely with us, the Partner Clinic or Medical team; (ix) the Medical team deems you not to be adequate to have a consultation through the Platform (e.g., you are intoxicated, minor or in other way your legal capacity is limited) or (x) due to unforeseeable circumstances our Medical team cannot participate at the Medical consultation or render the Services.

  6. Limitations

    1. Service Limitations. Please be aware that our Services do not replace doctor’s visits and may not be suitable for all health-related questions and events. Many questions may require physical examination, taking analysis’, complicated tests, visiting specialist doctor and/or take other suitable steps. Our Platform and our Services cannot help you in all these matters. We urge you to consult with your family physician or general practitioner or turn to the emergency room (incl. call an emergency line such as 112) if you have an emergency.

    2. Primary Care limitations. Although we aim to cover most of the primary care services, our Services may not include all services available through clinics, hospitals, family physician’s offices or general practitioners. We or the Medical team will instruct you on what services are included and excluded in the Services. Amongst other, you can find the list of available services from here.
    3. Breach of Agreement. We, our Partner Clinics and the Medical team are entitled to refuse to render Services in case we have a reason to believe you are violating our agreement and any term specified herein.

    4. No Guarantees. You acknowledge and agree that we, Partner Clinic and/or the Medical team cannot give any warranties, promises or guarantees about the efficiency or successfulness of our Service nor healing of any health issues.

    5. Restrictions. We are entitled to limit or stop providing Services if this is required due to technical updates, maintenance work, due to overload of usage, misuse of the Services, fraudulent activities, or any other reason we deem significant enough.

  7. Fees & Payments

    1. General. Our pricing, including fees, deductibles, limitations, and other expenses, may vary depending on the country where the Services are provided. The pricing applicable to you will be specified in the Platform when subscribing to the Service. For example, if you want to use our physical Services in Finland, then your subscription fee and deductibles are different compared to the same services in Estonia. When specifying your location during the registration process on our Platform, you determine in which country you wish to use our physical Services and, therefore, which pricing will apply to you. We reserve the right not to render you the Services outside the location (country or city) you have specified during the registration process.

    2. Subscription. For enabling you to access and use our Platform and Services, we charge a recurring subscription fee (“Subscription fee”). We have a monthly and an annual subscription plan.

    3. Monthly subscription. In case of a monthly subscription, the subscription fee is charged for providing access and using the services for a 30-day period, starting from date of initiation of the subscription (“Monthly Subscription period”). The subscription is a monthly recurring subscription for an undefined term, unless either you or us terminate the subscription. The subscription fee is paid upfront for the 30-day period in accordance with the instructions given by us.

    4. Annual subscription. In case of an annual subscription, the subscription fee is charged for providing access and using the services for a 360-day period, starting from date of initiation of the subscription (“Annual Subscription period”). The subscription is an annual recurring subscription for an undefined term, unless either you or us terminate the subscription.

    5. Subscription period. The subscription fee is paid upfront for (i) in case of a Monthly Subscription period, 30-day period (monthly payments) or (ii) in case of a Annual Subscription period, 360-day period (annual payment), in accordance with the instructions given by us.

    6. Commitment. When subscribing to our service, you commit to pay the subscription fee for the whole Subscription period (30 days in case of a Monthly Subscription period, and 360-days in case of an Annual Subscription period). After that period, you can decide if you want to remain using our Services or wish to cancel your subscription. A failure to pay the monthly subscription fee is sufficient ground for us to refuse to provide you Services.

    7. Automatic renewal. You acknowledge and accept that your subscription and the respective subscription period renews automatically unless you cancel your subscription before the end of your existing subscription. You authorise us to automatically charge you for each subscription renewal. For the avoidance of doubt, we do not renew your subscription and its period only in case you notify us of your cancellation wish before your existing subscription expires.

    8. Other fees. The Subscription fee does not include all expenses incurred when using our Services and providing primary care help. We and/or our Partner clinic may charge other fees for Services rendered on our Platform. For example, (a) We may offer you other value-add services in addition to the Services included in our subscription or (b) Specialist doctor’s visits, certain analysis and laboratory tests may be available for additional fees. Before incurring any such additional fees, we will inform you about such fees before such fees incur. If you do not accept these costs, you can refuse to use the respective Services.

    9. Pricing. For using the Services, we apply the pricing applicable at the time of payment and as presented in the Platform.“Co-payment for Services by Partner Clinics“. You acknowledge and accept that we charge you a separate fee for using Services at our Partner Clinic (such as have an in-person doctor or nurse appointment, conduct a medical analyses or procedure) (“Co-Payment”). The exact amount of the Co-Payment depends on the Services various factors, such as service location, Partner Clinic pricing, services used, etc. The exact Co-Payment amount applicable to you when using such Services subject to Co-payment will be specified on the Platform (for example, on the subscription overview page) or our country-specific Website. You hereby authorise us to charge you such Co-payments using the payment details provided to us.

    10. Discounts. We reserve the right to apply discounts and promotional pricings as we deem fit.

    11. Fair use. Our Services and subscriptions are available based on our fair use policy, and not unlimited. We may limit your access to our Services if we determine that you excessively use our Services. For example: (a) you use our Medical Consultations more than is deemed reasonable when compared to traditional general practice which is more than Medical Consultations 10 a year; (b) you cancel unreasonable number of appointments, within 6 hours of the scheduled appointment time; or (c) failure to attend an unreasonable amount of appointments without prior notice. In case you do not follow this fair use policy, we are entitled to refuse to provide any Services at our Partner Clinics and charge €20 per consultation for each online Medical Consultation . For more information about reasonable use policy, please contact us at hello@salu.md.
    12. Cancellation of subscription. If you want to cancel the subscription, you must log in to your Account and cancel it. In case of cancellation, we will not charge any amounts for the next Subscription period. However, we are entitled to keep fees, including Subscription fees, incurred or paid to us for the existing Subscription period. For the avoidance of doubt, even if you cancel your annual subscription before 12 months have passed from the start of subscription, you still commit to keep you subscription and pay for the whole 12 months of subscription period.

    13. Changes in Pricing. We are entitled to amend the pricing as we deem fit. The pricing will be displayed on our Platform or otherwise informed thereof before using the Services. If we change a pricing which you already have, we will inform you about the changes one month in advance, and you are entitled to cancel your subscription during that period. In case you do not cancel your subscription during the one-month period, you accept pricing updates and authorise us to charge you the amounts specified in the updated pricing.

    14. Payment authorisation. By subscribing to our Service, you authorise us each month to charge the subscription fee and other fees from your payment card.

    15. Sufficient balance. You undertake to keep sufficient balance to enable us to charge you for the fees incurred when using our Services. In case you fail to duly pay the amounts owed to us, we may limit the access to our Service and notify third parties of the debt owed to us. Furthermore, you accept and agree that we may unilaterally (without your explicit consent) freely transfer or dispose our claims to third parties.

    16. Currency. All fees are calculated and paid in euros. The payment process may use Harry-Potter-type-of-magic to convert all payments from your original currency to euros.

    17. Third party processor. Please be aware that we do not store your card details on our platform, we forward these to a licensed and renowned third-party service provider Stripe to store your card data and process the payments. The payment processing shall be handled in accordance with the processes and rules specified by Stripe.
    18. Claim for Refund. Should you have any complaints regards fees we have charged, you can submit these to us via hello@salu.md within 10 business days as of charging these fees. We reserve the right not to satisfy complaints submitted after this period.
  8. Data Protection

    1. Privacy policy. By submitting your data, using our Platform and/or our Services, you accept and agree with our Privacy Policy that includes more information on how we process your personal data, instructions on your rights and how you can exercise such rights. By using our Service, you acknowledge and agree that an agreement on data processing is concluded between you and us.

    2. Confidentiality of Medical Consultation. We highly value your privacy and sensitivity of the data you and the Medical team shares on the Platform. Therefore, all data shared on the Platform and/or during provision of the Services must be kept strictly confidential by the Medical team, you and us. You acknowledge and accept that we process your data based on the agreement concluded between you and us, in order for us to be able to render the Services to you.

  9. Liability

    1. Liability for Medical Advice by our Medical team. In case the Healthcare services are provided by our Medical team, we are responsible for the suitability, effectiveness or correctness of the advice or recommendation provided our Medical team. You acknowledge and accept that we are liable for the direct, monetary, and proven damages caused to you by us. For the sake of clarity, we are not responsible for non-monetary, indirect and/or unproven damages.

    2. Liability for Medical Advice by Partner clinic. In case the Healthcare services are provided by our Partner clinic, you acknowledge and accept that we (Salu) as a technical platform are not liable for the correctness or accuracy of any medical advice or healthcare related service provided on our Platform and any consequences related to it, including, for suitability, effectiveness or correctness of any advice or recommendation provided by a Partner clinic or the Medical team. The Partner clinic and the Medical team consulting you on a health-related matter is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the advice given to you. All complaints related to the medical advice or healthcare related services are handled by the Partner clinic.

    3. Platform Service Level. The Platform and the Service is provided on an “as is“ basis without any warranties or guarantees on any service level. We are not responsible for the performance of communication or data services, accuracy, completeness and functioning of the Services. We reserve the right to limit or stop the usage of our Platform or the Service as we deem necessary (for example, for technical updates). Every indication of a service level specified within our Platform or related to a Service is merely an indication of a potential service level, however, not a commitment to provide the Platform or deliver the Service with that service level. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any nonavailability or inability to deliver Services which are caused by the Partner clinic or the Medical team.

    4. Liability scope. If we fail to comply with our obligations as set out by law and in these Terms of Service and you are not in breach of any of your obligations, then we will be responsible only for the direct and monetary damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms of Service provided these damages are sufficiently proven and documented. We are not responsible for the breach of our obligations if it is caused partly or fully due to non-performance or non-compliance of these Terms of Service by you. Our liability is limited to an amount equal to ten times the total fees you have paid to us within the previous twelve calendar months.

  10. Complaints & Termination

    1. Complain handling process. If you have any complaints regards our Services, you undertake to write to us at hello@salu.md within 10 business days as of the date when you used or received the Service. You agree that after this period, your rights to complaints regards the Services will terminate and we reserve the right not to process or satisfy your complaint.
    2. Feedback to third parties. Nothing in this Agreement limits your right to turn submit feedback or complaint to (i) Estonian Health Insurance Fund (info@haigekassa.ee); (ii) Estonian Health Board (info@terviseamet.ee); or Expert Committee for Quality of Healthcare Services at the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs (info@sm.ee).
    3. Term of Agreement. This agreement is concluded between you and us for an undefined term. If either you or us wishes to terminate the agreements between us, it needs to notify the other party 30 days prior to the end of their relevant Subscription period. All fees which are outstanding shall be paid on the last date of the agreement validity. In case of a breach of our agreement, we reserve the right to terminate the agreement without prior notice.

    4. Termination by us. Regardless of the foregoing, we are entitled to terminate the agreement, including your subscription and all Services you have ordered from us, by giving a 30-day prior notice to you. In case at the termination moment you have prepaid for certain Services which you not yet received, you are entitled for a refund of the amount you have already paid, but where we have not rendered the Services at the termination date.

  11. Legal

    1. Communication. All communication between us (incl. legal communication) will be in English. You accept and waive the right to communicate in Estonian or in any other language.

    2. ToS of Partner clinic. By starting the Medical Consultation or using Services at Partner clinic, you accept and agree with the terms of services and the privacy policy of our respective Partner clinic, and therefore duly conclude an agreement with our Partner clinic. All communication with us and the Partner clinic may be held in either English, Russian or Estonian language. List of our Partner clinics is here.
    3. Changes in Agreement. We reserve the right to unilaterally change the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy by publishing the updated notices on our website and notifying you accordingly 30-days in advance. Should you not agree with our Terms of Service or Privacy Policy, you must suspend using the Platform and our Services and terminate our agreement by notifying us accordingly via hello@salu.md.
    4. Governing law & Jurisdiction. The use of our Platform, our Services, these Terms of Service and Privacy Notice shall be governed by the Estonian law. Any disputes arising from our relationship will cannot be solved through amicable negotiations shall be resolved by the County Court of Harju. In case you are located outside Estonia, you acknowledge and accept that all disputes stemming from this Agreement and our relationship will be solved at the County Court of Harju.

  12. A bit more…

    1. Our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice is available on our website. Should you wish to receive a copy of our terms and conditions, or you wish to contact us regards any other matter, please reach out to us at hello@salu.md.

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