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Your team is the highest priority

Let’s take good care of your people and their families together. Salu For Teams is our comprehensive healthcare offering for organisations.

By making healthcare conveniently accessible, your team’s health concerns are covered – even if problems occur, they get solved quickly. Not to mention, a healthier and happier team equals higher employee satisfaction, increases employer loyalty, and improves financial results. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Doctors on demand

Your team can access our English, Russian, and Estonian-speaking medical team within minutes, seven days a week, between 9 am to 8 pm. Around 90% of all health needs and questions get solved online. No booking, waiting, or travelling is required.

Your team can get trusted medical advice, open sick leave, get or renew prescriptions, pre-travel online medical consultation, and more through online consultation. And we are open to other forms of consultation.

Our package is available for the whole family, not only the employee.

Our employees have been using Salu for some time, and their feedback has been very positive. The doctors are very professional, and people have received solutions to their health concerns quickly.

liis bolt
Liis Tõnisson
Head of Global Mobility at Bolt

Mental health

We take care of your team’s mental health to achieve a healthy work-life balance and an enjoyable workplace culture. Through one-to-one sessions, our experts will help your team member solve their personal mental puzzles, and teach skills and techniques to manage their internal imbalances and struggles.

With Salu, our employees have received professional medical help without a hassle. They truly feel they are cared for.

Heidi Speck
Head of HR at Yolo Ventures

Perfect fit for global teams

We can be your single healthcare partner covering the needs of your global team. Salu For Teams virtual clinic works globally and is a perfect fit for people working remotely from a home office or offices in other countries. Your team can get medical help regardless of their location.

Trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry.

For any organisation, the team is its highest priority. Salu For Teams is our comprehensive healthcare offering for organisations to keep the team safe and healthy.

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Health coverage for teams

With Salu, your team gets a comprehensive healthcare solution for their physical and mental health needs.

Our doctors are available seven days a week, from morning till evening.

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  • Doctor on demand, seven days a week
  • Comprehensive mental health plan
  • Package customised to your needs
  • Global coverage fits well for global teams
  • Health protection for the whole family

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