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To ensure the best care, we’ve teamed up with over 70 highly qualified medical professionals. Our dedicated medical team includes our own experienced doctors as well as partnerships with leading clinics and hospitals across Spain. Our goal is to provide you and your family with an exceptional customer experience and access to medical services from these skilled doctors and nurses whenever you need them, no matter where you are.

Salu enables you to safely store your health data and share it with doctors and nurses whenever help is needed.

Dr Ingmar Lindström

Dr Lindström has been working as a family physician for 15+ years in Finland and in Estonia. He also has some years of experience as an Internal Medicine resident in Finland. In his career, he has been going above and beyond to be able to help people, being the founder of several primary care clinics in both Finland and Estonia. With his passion for health and bettering people’s lives, he has made an important impact on the communities around him.

He jumped on board with Salu because of the positive effect he saw in the startup’s purpose. Proficiency in teamwork and the potential of Salu is what got him hooked in the first place. From the outside, Salu might seem to be just another digital/telehealth platform, but the opportunity to help the ones struggling the most, as they have not been able to find a suitable local health center, adds an important element to the whole purpose and delivery of services.

For a foreigner away from home, Salu might end up being the go-to channel to receive timely and affordable medical help in a language understandable to them. Health concerns without a proper help system can be very stressful and draining. Expats around the world are facing similar issues and a simple solution to offer even the most basic level of medical care is important to them and their families. So any sign of hope at the end of a tunnel is important to people. That is why Dr Lindström sees great value and potential in Salu’s future.

Dr Maria Pintsaar

We are excited to introduce you to one of Salu’s doctors – Maria Pintsaar. She has an extensive medical background, graduating from Tartu’s University and going through a long medical residency in Finland and in Estonia. During medical studies, she worked as a nurse in the intensive care department and as an assistant doctor in a health care centre. In addition to the work with hospital patients, she has also worked in outpatient clinics all over Finland, which set her up with a good perspective of both, in- and-outpatient settings.

Fun fact about Maria – her curiosity and interest in radiology and neurology led her to participate in National Student Contest, winning the second prize with her study “Radiological studies and the clinical course of ischemic stroke in patients who underwent thrombolysis”. Study results were published in the National Medical paper called “Eesti Arst”.

Maria joined Salu’s team in 2022, where she has been consulting patients and helping them find solutions to their health problems. She thinks that Salu in an extremely valuable platform, not just for people who need help, but also for hospitals. There are thousands of patients in Finland and Estonia who do not know where to turn to with their health-related concerns. They often end up in emergency departments with problems that could easily be addressed at an outpatient clinic. By doing so they increase hospitals’ workload, a problem that can be easily avoided by providing them with qualified primary care. The need for a platform like Salu is definitely increasing in the foreseeable future.

Jekaterina Morina

Meet our dedicated and hard-working Nurse Team Lead Jekaterina. She has a vast experience in different areas of the healthcare world for over 12 years. That includes work in an emergency room, family healthcare, and private clinics. Jekaterina is committed to growth in her industry, going to courses and seminars to ensure she can offer her patients the best help and care.

She thinks that what makes Salu so different and valuable is that it is always available. A doctor in your pocket! Real professionals who can help find solutions for any health-related problem. And sometimes be the support that is needed and help the person calm down. Jekaterina sees excellent potential in Salu because of its motivation and desire to help people.

Our medical team.

Meet the wonderful people helping you and your family seven days a week.

Ingmar Lindstörm

Chief Medical Officer

Joosep Soone

Medical lead

Anna Melan

General Practitioner

Kristi Särgava

Doctor-Resident of Family Medicine

Silver Ratnik

General Practitioner

Jekaterina Morina

Nurse Team Lead

Marina Ban


Anna-Liana Marksoo


Irina Osichkina


Jaroslav Petruštšak


Kätriin Timian


Liis Jürise


Zarina Netsiporuk


Maria Tsvetkova


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Our Partner Clinics

We are proud to collaborate with leading clinics in Spain, including IMS Medical and Quirónsalud, both renowned for their commitment to excellence in healthcare services.

IMS Medical

IMS Medical is a trusted name in the healthcare industry. With a dedication to providing top-quality medical services, IMS Medical’s mission is to ensure the well-being of its patients. Their expertise covers a wide range of medical specialties, and they are known for their unwavering commitment to patient care.


Quirónsalud is a prominent healthcare provider in Spain. With a strong reputation for delivering comprehensive medical services, Quirónsalud has become a cornerstone of healthcare excellence. Their extensive network of healthcare professionals and modern facilities is dedicated to meeting the diverse healthcare needs of patients in Spain.

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