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Your private health insurance might give you a feeling of security that if unexpected medical expenses occur, you don’t need to carry these costs yourself. However, you might still wonder where to get the medical help itself. Salu can help you with this.

How does it work?

Whenever you need medical help, you can start an online consultation with our medical team. Our doctors usually respond within 30 minutes daily, from 8 am to 7 pm. You can get medical help in English, Russian, and Estonian. 

During the online consultation, you can:

  • Get medical advice from our medical team
  • Open a sick leave
  • Get or renew prescription drugs
  • Get a referral to a specialist doctor
  • Get help finding an in-person appointment at our partner clinics
  • Order analyses and tests
  • Order medical procedures
  • And much more

Based on thousands of consultations, most are solved online. You don’t need to book a time, travel to a clinic, and wait to be accepted by the doctor. For the remaining cases (around 10%) we cannot solve online, we will help you get the medical help you need through our partner clinics.


90% of all the medical issues our medical team dealt with during the past 12 months, were solved online.

Dr Ingmar Lindström
Chief Medical Officer at Salu

Process of getting a refund

First, please check if your health insurance and the available limits cover your needed medical services. Salu services fall under ambulatory/primary healthcare services, generally covered by most health insurance providers. As we do not know your insurance policy’s exact terms and limits, we cannot take any responsibility as to whether your insurance provider reimburses our cost.


Online consultations

When starting an online consultation, you are directed to a pricing overview page:

  1. Please select “For private insurance customers.”
  2. You are asked to pay €30 for an online consultation. 
  3. After paying this fee, you can start the consultation with our medical team.
  4. You will receive an invoice in your email. This is the expense report you can forward to your insurance provider.
  5. The insurance provider processes the expense report internally and should then refund our service fee to your bank account.

Please note that the reimbursement process and requirements for medical cost documentation may vary amongst insurance providers. Insurance providers generally accept our expense reports. However, we cannot guarantee that some insurance providers have different requirements for the documents or reimbursement process. 

If your insurance provider has additional requests or questions about medical services or expense reports we present to you, don’t hesitate to contact us at

In-person examinations, medical analyses, and procedures

Suppose you must use medical services requiring physical attention, such as in-person doctor examinations, medical analyses, or medical procedures. In that case, our medical team can help you find a suitable doctor or clinic where to get the help you need.

When visiting the doctor or clinic, you need to pay for these services separately and ask for an expense report that specifies what services you received during the physical visit. Obtaining this expense report is crucial to get a refund from your insurance provider. Once received, you should forward this to your insurance provider for a refund. 

If you or your insurance provider have any questions about the physical visit, please turn to the doctor or clinic you visited.

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