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Matthias Vutt
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Travelling is exciting but comes with its own risks and unexpected events. And usually, it has something to do with health. Sore throat, stomach bug or fever – without any preparations, these can ruin the whole trip.

Therefore, the most enjoyable experience can happen with a well-organized and thought-out plan. Being aware and in control is important when you are travelling.

So, are you going to visit a new country and you would like to know ahead of time how to prepare for it? Pre-travel online medical consultation is the best solution in a situation like that.

What is a pre-travel online medical consultation?

It is helpful and good practice to know certain information about the new country you are planning to travel to. New territory comes with new dangers you might now always know to look out for.

  • Are vaccines needed?
  • What kind of medications should I take with me?
  • What to look out for in terms of health?

These are all questions that will get answered by a medical doctor during a pre-travel online medical consultation, so you are not left wondering or having to turn to google. This type of consultation offers a secure source of info that you can trust. 

It allows you to gain the necessary knowledge about how and what to prepare ahead of time for your trip, so when problems occur, solutions are already set up.

It’s an unfortunate thing if we get sick while travelling. The best way to tackle unknown risks is to get informed and prepared for any circumstances, even the worst-case scenarios.

Where can I get a pre-travel online medical consultation?

Salu offers pre-travel online medical consultations from trustworthy doctors, so you can have peace of mind in any situation, knowing you are well-prepared, especially when you are in a different country. You can do the consultation from the comfort of your own home, scheduling an online appointment with our doctor. 

Our doctor will answer your questions and share all the important information about your destination with recommendations. In case any vaccines are required, our doctor will assign you to get them done at a clinic specializing in travel medicine for an additional cost. 

Read more about what to do when you get sick while travelling here.

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