Discover Your Mental Wellness Score with Our Free Mental Health Audit

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Riin Rehemaa
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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining mental wellness is more important than ever. Yet, understanding the state of our mental health can often seem like a complex and daunting task. That’s where Salu steps in. We’re thrilled to introduce our newest feature – the Free Mental Health Audit, a tool designed to help you discover your mental wellness score with ease.

Developed in collaboration with psychologists and utilizing widely acknowledged methodologies, our Mental Health Audit offers a thorough and accessible way to assess the critical components of your mental health: mood, anxiety, fears and discomforts, social pressure, burnout, and sleep patterns.

This innovative audit is more than just a questionnaire; it’s a gateway to a deeper understanding of your mental health, offering insights that are both comprehensive and personalized.

Why Salu’s Mental Health Audit?

  1. Holistic Approach: Our audit encompasses a wide range of mental health aspects, providing you with a well-rounded view of your overall well-being.
  2. Quick and User-Friendly: In just a matter of three minutes, you can gain meaningful insights into your mental health status.
  3. Expert-Backed: The questionnaire is grounded in methodologies that are widely respected and used by mental health professionals globally.
  4. Absolutely Free: We believe in accessible mental health resources for all. The audit is available at no cost – all you need is to sign up and log into your Salu account

We invite you to engage with this tool, explore your mental state, and start a journey towards enhanced mental wellness. Our Mental Health Audit is not just an assessment; it’s a step towards understanding and nurturing your mental health in a more informed and proactive way.

Take Action Now!

Are you ready to learn more about the state of your mental well-being? Sign up for a Salu account today, log in, and take advantage of our free Mental Health Audit. Your journey towards understanding and improving your mental health is just a few clicks away!

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