Comprehensive care

Full coverage for all your health needs

Our health plans cover treating illnesses and maintaining your health. Use these plans as your primary coverage or to supplement public health insurance.


All health needs covered

Our health plans include care from general and specialist doctors, hospital and dental care, regular check-ups, and much more. Our plans are designed to cure illnesses and keep you healthy.

Best coverage on the market

Our health plan offers you higher coverage limits than any private health insurance in Estonia. This enables you to get the maximum health benefits available on the market.

Add to or replace your public health insurance

Our health plan can be your main health coverage and also a supplement to your existing public or private health insurance.

Services and Prices

We offer two carefully designed health plans, Essential and Premium, to meet all your healthcare needs—explore their benefits below.

Coverage limits
€33/per month
€33/per month€65/per month
Primary & specialty care
Hospital care & operations
Preventive check-ups & exams
Dental care
Rehabilitation services
Critical illnesses
Total coverage
Your share of medical cost

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Complete package overview

Interested to read more about the details of our health plans? Click the link below for a comprehensive overview of the services included, terms of service and more.

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Sounds great, right?
Don’t just take our word for it.


I faced a health-related problem, and couldn’t reach my family doctor. So I had to search for alternative solutions and found Salu.

I can get help fast and rely on it.That makes me want to stay with Salu in the future as well.


My child fell ill over the weekend, and I needed to open sick leave. Fortunately, I had heard about Salu through work. My concern was resolved from the comfort of my home.

I am very satisfied with Salu’s services and would recommend it to others.

aigi 1

I recently moved away from my home country and discovered that I would be running out of my prescription medications soon.

Discovered Salu through Google and got a quick solution to my problem. I had an online consultation, and my prescriptions were extended. Unbelievably convenient!


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it has been a fantastic experience!

The main value of Salu’s services is the convenience and quality of care provided. Being able to consult with healthcare professionals and get the necessary help without leaving my home has been invaluable.


I started using Salu in 2022, and it’s been amazing! The doctors are responsive and really helped me with my sleep problems.

Having access to English-speaking doctors is a great benefit for a newcomer to the country.


Salu’s live communication and professional care made all the difference for me!

I’ve been using Salu’s services for the past two months, since needed a prescription for a medication.

I got all the help I needed and already recommended it to others. 

asep v

Your service is fantastic! I needed a reference for a specialist doctor. As a non-native Estonian speaker, I wasn’t confident enough to communicate with my family doctor in Estonian.

Salu provided me with a convenient solution to get the referral I needed without any language barriers.


Salu has exceeded my expectations in terms of responsiveness and accessibility.

The platform has provided me with the peace of mind that professional medical advice is just a click away. 

karoliina 11

I truly appreciate the peace of mind that Salu brings.

I’ve been using Salu’s services since 2022. Knowing that I have this convenient ‘safety net’ is priceless. If I need medical help, I don’t have to worry about long queues or waiting for my family doctor.


I subscribed to Salu’s services because I needed a health certificate for my driver’s license. I wasn’t expecting to get a doctor’s appointment done in less than 10 minutes while working.

The efficiency of Salu surprised me in a very positive way!

jevgenia 1

Salu helped me with the analysis & the necessary treatment immediately without further complications. Had it not been for Salu, the time of my diagnosis would have been prolonged.

Best medical service I’ve ever had in Estonia! Fast & efficient!


Who is eligible for Salu health coverage?

Anyone in Estonia can benefit from our health coverage plans as either primary or supplemental coverage for their health needs. It can be used both as your only health coverage for your health needs in Estonia or in addition to your existing health insurance.

Does Salu offer private health insurance?

Salu offers a comprehensive health plan that includes general and specialized medical care, dental services, analyses, and procedures—everything you need to get and stay healthy.

But no, Salu does not provide health insurance.

Do I need to have Estonian citizenship or an identification code to obtain the Salu health coverage plan?

No, anyone with an identity document can obtain the Salu health coverage plans.

Do I have to pay the entire amount for the health plan at once?

No, the payments will be monthly.

If I choose the Salu health plan, do I have to pay an additional monthly fee for Salu services?

No, the health plan package includes Salu’s primary medical services.

Is there a commitment period for the health coverage?

The health coverage plans are issued for a period of 12 months. This duration ensures that you receive continuous coverage and allows you to fully benefit from the comprehensive healthcare services throughout the year.

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