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Matthias Vutt
Chief Marketing Officer

We’re thrilled to announce that our commitment to providing exceptional healthcare service is now even better with complimentary quarterly offerings for our subscribers. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting update and how to take advantage of your free services.

From March 2023 onwards, we will be providing a complimentary medical or pampering service once per quarter to subscribers who have stayed with us for at least three months (90 days).

This is our initiative to ensure that our loyal customers have access to the necessary resources for maintaining a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

90 days = 1 Free Service

Our menu offers a variety of medical and pampering services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, including options like massages, allergy tests, and personalized nutrition plans.

If you’ve been with us for at least 90 days, you can choose from the following list of services available throughout Q4 2023 (October to December).

1. D-vitamin analysis  by Synlab

Living in Estonia, you’re probably aware that for a large part of the year, we don’t get much sunlight, which is why a deficiency in vitamin D is very common here. The D-vitamin reserves in our bodies are limited, and a warm summer alone isn’t enough to get us through the long winter.

Synlab offers the opportunity to test your vitamin D levels. This test helps you find out your current vitamin level and protect yourself from potential issues caused by insufficient sunlight during the winter season. After taking the test, you can consult with our doctors to better understand your results and get personalized advice on an appropriate dose of vitamin D.

2. Roll shaper massage at Beautiful Me salon

Roller shaper massage activates the lymphatic system, which helps to eliminate waste from the body and boosts immunity. The lymphatic system is an essential and complex system that must be stimulated correctly. In roller shaper massage salons, a virtual assistant on screens guides the procedure, ensuring that all exercises are precise and easily understandable.

Beautiful Me‘s roller shaper massage is an effective muscle massage – it massages the entire body. It has many beneficial side effects, such as providing a workout effect, improving metabolism, reducing body circumference, eliminating toxins, relaxing the body, improving skin and muscle elasticity, and reducing cellulite.

3. Full body analyses package -20%

We have compiled a comprehensive analysis package to thoroughly examine your health and provide feedback on your body’s needs. You can conveniently add our full-body health check to your Salu order.

With a monthly package, the analysis set will cost you a one-time fee of 99€. If you decide on an annual package, you can add the full-body health check to your monthly payments, with an additional usual monthly fee of 8€ (total annual amount 96€).

With this offer, you can get the full-body analysis package at a 20% discount, regardless of whether you want to pay a one-time fee or monthly with the annual package.

PS: New packages will be made available every three months.

Qualifying for the Free Service is Easy

Simply continue your Salu subscription for at least 90 days to become eligible for our complimentary services. Once you reach this milestone, you’ll be able to choose one free service per quarter. We’ll notify you when it’s time to select your service, and you can check the status of your subscription, including how many days are left until your free service, by logging in and visiting the “My Subscription” page.

Here’s How to Use Your Free Service

To use these services available for you:

  1. Simply log in to your Salu account and go to the “My subscription” page.
  2. If you are eligible to get a free complimentary medical or pampering service, select a gift of your choice in the “Claim your free health benefit now” box.
  3. Fill in your information and send the order. We will then send a flyer/referral letter to your email to redeem the service.
  4. If you’ve chosen a medical analysis, be sure to return to Salu two days after taking it to find out the results and consult with our medical team about what your next steps should be.

Not yet a subscriber?

Read more about our services and subscription.

Terms & Conditions

  1. To be eligible for Salu’s complimentary services, you must be an active subscriber for at least 90 consecutive days (starting from 1 January 2023) and have an active subscription when claiming and using the complementary service. Otherwise, you do not have the right to claim the complementary service.
  2. By unsubscribing, you waive your right to complementary services. Once you re-subscribe, the count of the subscription period restarts from zero.
  3. Please note that services are non-transferable to any third party; however, the service may be used by your underaged children.
  4. After every 90-day subscription period, the counting of the next 90-day period restarts. Therefore, a new complementary service becomes available every 90 consecutive days of an active subscription.
  5. Once the complementary service becomes available, you are entitled to use the respective service within 90 days. We may refuse to render the service after the 90 days have lapsed.
  6. You are entitled to use the complementary services as may be available from time to time. You acknowledge that we may add, remove or change any complementary service available through us.
  7. Salu reserves the right to modify or terminate this program anytime.

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