Get a Referral to a Specialist Doctor Online (in Estonia)

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Matthias Vutt
Chief Marketing Officer

If our medical team sees that you require the attention of a specialist doctor, for example optometrist, gynecologist, dermatologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, etc, we will help you find one.

How do you get a referral in Estonia?

If you have valid public health insurance (via Haigekassa), we can issue a referral to a specialist doctor, so that the state health insurance fund will cover the cost of that visit. There is no additional fee for finding and referring to a specialist doctor, your monthly subscription covers it.

If you’re confused about whether you’re covered by public health insurance or not, you can learn more about how the Estonian healthcare system works here.

If you have previously been prescribed a prescription drug, it is very easy to renew it in Salu. Everything is done online, and our doctor can issue a new prescription for you in just a few minutes.

Need a referral to a specialist doctor? We’ve got you covered! Just start a chat with one of our trusted doctors and let them guide you. Did I already mention that ithis service is included in our monthly subscription?

Dr Ingmar Lindström
Chief Medical Officer of Salu

What if I don’t have public health insurance?

If you don’t have private health insurance, you’re not covered by Haigekassa or you just prefer to go to a private clinic – we can also find a doctor for you from a private clinic. You can read more about public and private clinics in Estonia in our blogpost.

If you are covered by private health insurance, your insurance policy may cover any additional costs. To be sure, please check your policy and consult with your insurance provider.

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