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Matthias Vutt
Chief Marketing Officer

December is the time of giving. And in that spirit, we decided to give you the most valuable gift of all – the sense of security, knowing that all your essential health markers are examined and overviewed by a doctor. Everyone should get their health checked once in a while; here is your reminder and an opportunity to get it done sooner rather than later.

What is a full-body analysis package?

We have put together a wide range of analyses to assess your health and give you feedback on your body’s needs.

Our package includes the following tests:

  • HDL-cholesterol measures the amount of high-density lipoprotein (good) cholesterol in your blood.
  • LDL-cholesterol measures the amount of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in your blood.
  • Triglycerides – Cholesterol and triglyceride results may indicate increased cardiovascular risk.
  • Hemogram with a 5-part leukogram includes hemoglobin, white blood cell count, platelet count, and detailed red blood cell indices.
  • Creatinine measures how well your kidneys are performing their job of filtering waste from your blood.
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone – TSH – an evaluation of the thyroid gland, the largest endocrine gland that produces hormones to regulate the body’s metabolic rate, growth, and development.
  • Glucose – the primary way to estimate energy sources and hormonal control: growth hormone, insulin, glucagon, adrenaline, cortisol.
  • Vitamin D – one of the most essential vitamin levels to check during the darker and colder times, as the deficiency is related to limited exposure to sunlight.
  • ALAT – a test that checks for liver damage.

Why should I take these tests?

Our doctor explains that these analyses detect any changes in blood cells that show potential issues ahead of time. They provide healthcare workers with a lot of information, and based on the results; a doctor can start treatment or issue prescription drugs if necessary.

Getting a wide range of tests done significantly reduces your health risks and complications thanks to early awareness.

At Salu, we will provide you with feedback and recommendations for a treatment plan, prescriptions, and any additional analyses/tests if needed.

Take control over your health back!

Getting your overall health checked occasionally helps you get ahead of any potential issues and concerns. This is your reminder to get your checkup done now. And the best way to get started is with full-body analysis.

How to claim the free full-body analyses package?

  1. Create a Salu account – it’s completely free!
  2. Subscribe to Salu services during December by paying the first month’s fee of €7.50
  3. Find the campaign code from the e-mail sent to you
  4. Log in to your account, start a chat with Salu’s doctor, and share your campaign code. The code has to be used during December.
  5. Our doctor will schedule a free package of lab tests (worth €65) for you at our partner clinic.
  6. Get results, consult with our doctor, and get advice.

Be among the first 100 subscribers, and claim your complimentary full-body analyses package.

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Upgrade your healthcare game with our Annual Package.

About Salu

With Salu, you’ll always have a doctor in your pocket. Get the medical help you need anytime, anywhere!

Our focus is to offer a fast & affordable alternative to a family doctor. The €14.90 monthly package includes unlimited consultations with a doctor seven days a week in your preferred language. You can open a sick leave, renew prescription drugs, get referrals, and more. In addition to a digital platform, where all communication with the doctor begins, we also offer in-person appointments in our clinic.

The subscription automatically includes all your children as well.

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