Celebrating One Year of Salu: A Journey of Growth and Impact

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Riin Rehemaa
Social Media & Community Manager

As we celebrate the first anniversary of Salu in June, we are thrilled to reflect on the remarkable year that we’ve had. Over the course of 12 months, our digital healthcare platform has experienced tremendous growth and witnessed significant milestones that have reshaped the way we deliver healthcare services.

In a year, Salu has grown from a dream shared by three individuals into a thriving organization with a team of dedicated professionals. Together, we have successfully facilitated thousands of consultations, providing essential medical support to individuals. In addition, Salu has revolutionized the healthcare landscape by saving valuable time, offering prompt responses, reaching individuals worldwide, and achieving high customer satisfaction.

Let’s delve into the key accomplishments that define our journey.

Growing from a dream to a team

From its inception, Salu has expanded from a mere dream of three men to a dynamic organization comprising 18 passionate professionals.

Our team encompasses medical experts, developers, sales & marketing professionals, product engineers, and administrative staff who all share a common goal of making healthcare more accessible and efficient for all.

7000+ consultations

In the past year, Salu has facilitated over 7000 consultations, addressing a wide range of medical concerns.

Our platform has provided individuals with the opportunity to connect with healthcare professionals, receiving the guidance and support they need to navigate their health challenges effectively. By providing accessible healthcare solutions, Salu has made a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people.

Redefining accessibility

An astounding achievement for Salu is the successful resolution of 90% of our consultations entirely online.

By leveraging the power of technology, we have eliminated the need for physical visits to healthcare facilities, making healthcare accessible from anywhere. This breakthrough has not only saved time but has also brought convenience to our users’ lives.

Time saved

When we asked our customers about their average travel time to reach a doctor’s office, the response averaged around 20 minutes. However, with 90% of our consultations conducted online, Salu has saved an extraordinary amount of commute time for our users. Collectively, our platform has saved users approximately 252,000 minutes or 4,200 hours of travel.

By eliminating the need to physically travel to medical appointments, Salu has allowed people to reclaim countless hours that would have otherwise been spent on commuting. This time saved allows our users to prioritize their well-being and attend to other essential aspects of their lives.

Prompt responses

Through Salu’s efficient digital platform, our medical team has significantly reduced response times. While the most common response time reported by customers to reach their family doctor was within one day, Salu’s medical professionals typically respond within 20-30 minutes.

This quick turnaround time not only minimizes waiting periods but also provides individuals with prompt medical advice, reducing anxiety and fostering trust in our services.

Making a global impact

Salu’s digital platform has transcended geographical boundaries, allowing us to extend our services worldwide. Our doctors have successfully consulted individuals from over 20 countries, enabling people from diverse backgrounds to access quality healthcare support conveniently. Salu has become a bridge, connecting medical professionals and patients across Europe.

Customer satisfaction

The exceptional average score of 4.7 out of 5 with 85% of people rating us 5/5, given by our customers to our doctors, stands as a testament to the quality care provided by Salu. We take great pride in the positive feedback and trust we have garnered from our users.

This high level of customer satisfaction motivates us to continually improve our services and maintain our commitment to delivering personalized, empathetic, and professional healthcare.

Shaping a brighter future

As we mark our first anniversary, it’s great to look back at everything we’ve accomplished so far from nurturing a dream to building a dedicated team, facilitating over 7000 consultations, and providing efficient online healthcare solutions. We believe we’ve made a profound impact. We have saved valuable time, reduced anxiety, reached individuals globally, and earned high customer satisfaction.

Even more exciting is looking ahead. We remain steadfast in our commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in healthcare. Together, we will continue to shape a brighter and healthier future for all.

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