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Salu is the best alternative to a family doctor. Online medical consultation is available every day, from 9 am to 8 pm.

Receive online medical help in English, 7 days a week

Consult with a medical expert from home, including weekends, or schedule a physical appointment if needed.

30 minutes response time, diverse healthcare services

Manage sick leave, renew prescriptions, register with an English-speaking family doctor, and more.

Full-body analyses and preventive healthcare solutions

Comprehensive health analysis packages with expert feedback and reminders for your body’s needs.


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The whole idea behind Salu is great!

The reason why I turned to them is because I faced a health-related problem, and I couldn’t reach my family doctor anymore, even though I have Haigekassa. So I had to search for alternative solutions and found Salu.

My feeling is that I can get help fast when needed, and I can rely on it. That makes me want to stay with Salu in the future as well.


My child fell ill over the weekend, and I needed to open sick leave. Since my family doctor does not work on the weekends, the only option would have been to go to the ER.

Fortunately, I had heard about Salu through work. I decided to subscribe, and moments later, I was in contact with their doctor. My concern was resolved from the comfort of my own home.

I am very satisfied with Salu’s services and would recommend it to others.


I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it has been a fantastic experience!

In my opinion, the main value of Salu’s services is the convenience and the quality of care provided. Being able to consult with healthcare professionals and get the necessary help without leaving the comfort of my home has been invaluable, especially during these challenging times.

aigi 1

I recently moved away from my home country and discovered that I would be running out of my prescription medications soon.

Since I didn’t know anything about the local healthcare system yet, the situation seemed frustrating and stressful.

I discovered Salu through Google and got a quick solution to my problem. I had an online consultation with their doctor, and my prescriptions were extended. Unbelievably convenient!


Salu’s live communication and professional care made all the difference for me!

I’ve been using Salu’s services for the past two months, since needed a prescription for a specific medication, which required some tests. The communication with Salu’s doctor was amazing, as was the convenience and accessibility of being able to consult with a doctor remotely.

I got all the information and help I needed and already recommended it to others. 

asep v

Your service is fantastic!

I’ve been using Salu’s services for months now. The first time I reached out was because I needed a reference for a specialist doctor. As a non-native Estonian speaker, I wasn’t confident enough to communicate with my family doctor in Estonian.

Salu provided me with a convenient solution to get the referral I needed without any language barriers.

karoliina 11

I truly appreciate the peace of mind that Salu brings.

I’ve been using Salu’s services since December 2022. I’m impressed with the convenience and accessibility of the service, mainly because it can be pretty challenging to reach my family doctor.

Even though I haven’t been sick, knowing that I have this convenient ‘safety net’ in place is priceless. When the time comes, and I do need healthcare, I won’t have to worry about long queues or waiting for my family doctor. The accessibility Salu provides is a tremendous advantage.


I started using Salu in September 2022, and it’s been amazing! The doctors were responsive and really helped me with my sleep problems. It made my winter a lot better!

Having access to English-speaking doctors in Estonia is a great benefit for a newcomer to the country.

Salu is fast, polite, and truly interested in helping!


The main value I see in Salu’s services is the quick connection with doctors, regardless of the size or urgency of the concern. Having access to healthcare professionals seven days a week has been incredibly convenient and reassuring.

Salu has exceeded my expectations in terms of responsiveness and accessibility. The platform has provided me with the peace of mind that professional medical advice is just a click away. 


I first subscribed to Salu’s services because I needed a health certificate for my driver’s license. I wasn’t expecting to get a doctor’s appointment done in less than 10 minutes while working.

The process moved quickly and conveniently, from the beginning to the end.

The efficiency of Salu surprised me in a very positive way!

jevgenia 1

I subscribed to Salu because I couldn’t reach my family doctor and needed medical advice as soon as possible.

Salu helped me with the analysis & the necessary treatment immediately without further complications. Had it not been for Salu, the time of my diagnosis would have been prolonged.

Best medical service I’ve ever had in Estonia! Fast & efficient!

How to get started with Salu?

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Your health is our highest priority. Our qualified medical team is ready to help you 7 days a week. Get to know them, and start a chat as soon as you need some help.

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Dr Ingmar Lindström

Chief Medical Officer
22Years of experience
198Reviews on Salu
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Dr Maria Pintsaar

Family Physician
12Years of experience
419Reviews on Salu
doc jekaterina

Jekaterina Morina

Nursing Team Lead
13Years of experience
341Reviews on Salu

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